Not all who wander are lost…except for me

Take a wild guess at what happened to me today?  I got lost.  But I never felt that “I’m lost anxiety!”  It’s amazing to me that I can manage to navigate my way on the metro to get to my Athens On Site archaeology class on time (More like a “where in the world is Professor Stavros?! Class” as well).  And then I walk a simple route, and end up lost.  Maybe Zeus is looking out for me when I need to get to class and letting me get lost at all other times for a good laugh.

Of course, Professor Stavros is not that impressed with my navigational skills, but I am.  Today I was feeling victorious for having arrived at the seemingly unmarked location Stavros requested that we be at on time.  And as soon as we are all there Stavros says, “ok you guys want to walk with me now?”  I’m thinking that we are probably going to some random area of Athens.  Nope, we went to the Athinian Agora ruins.  Don’t get me wrong I was very excited to have class amongst some of the most extensive ruins that I have ever seen, but I could have easily gotten there without having gone on the metro.  I guess Stavros is going to teach me more than archaeology. 

After class I decide to walk home through the national gardens.  (transportation tickets are 1 euro each?!) It’s pretty much a straight shot from city-center through the gardens, past the stadium, to my neighborhood.  Or is it?  It was probably the paths in the gardens that did it.  They wind every which way, and there are always families, kids, and ducks to distract me.  I exit the gardens thinking ok I’m gonna see the stadium!  Well instead I saw the national guards changing (an elaborate event that involves enormous steps and shoes with pom poms on them).  What a surprise! Was I back at parliament? Because that would be bad as that is where I entered the gardens.  No I had arrived outside the “President/Prime Minister’s” house, which apparently also has guards.  Maybe he could direct me?  Probably not seeing as he stepped down recently.

Ok well, I’ll walk left.  I soon saw fountains and large hotels, and lots of embassies.   Definitely not my neighborhood-too many people in suites.  I swear no one works in Pagrati (my hood).  All I see every day all day is people sitting having coffee, smoking-or kids running around rampant.  Even when they “work” they don’t really.  I practically made my own coffee the other day at Costas’s café.  So I rounded the block and started to walk right. I spotted the stadium. Home! 

Well I then thought that it would be a good idea to buy baklava from my favorite bakery.  I bought two different types (there are nearly 100 different types).  Walking back to my apartment I stopped on my street to look in to a new store.  What was it going to be?  Another bakery-surprise surprise.  It had these delicious looking chocolate balls! I’m getting one soon.  So I continued walking home. Only I passed my apartment.  I was literally standing next to it (the new bakery is right next to it) and I continued walking!

I guess sometimes those who wander are lost. 



Ps going to Hydra island tomow until Monday! Yiasoo! Will have cell


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