Goldie Locks and the three (or five) bakeries

It has become quite clear that there are a lot of bakeries in Athens.  On my two-minute walk from the Arcadia Center to my apartment I pass by five.  FIVE bakeries.  Naturally, I have chosen to endeavor on a hunt for the perfect cookie.  Greece has all these different types of little cookies-kind of like those ones that you find on federal hill, but more.  I have tried chocolate dipped, sesame, coconut, almond, and spicy pepper? amongst others.  But I haven’t found “the one.”

I have bought these different types of cookies from all of the bakeries near me.  I bought almond cookies from the extravagant one on the corner…good but not great.  I tried chocolate dipped ones from the new one that opened next door to my apartment…up there!, but I like their baklava better.  I also bought some sesame ones from the bakery across from my ATM…they were good but their olive bread takes precedence.

So, quite literally I felt like Goldie Locks trying everything.  How do I distinguish which bakery has “the cookie.”  I mean honestly if things kept on going like they were, my hips/wallet was going to be collateral.  What to do, what to do???

Well, the woman in the bakery next door spoke English to me when I tried ordering in Greek.  Much appreciated, but I don’t like that.  Surprisingly, I’d rather make an ass out of myself butchering the Greek language than speak English.  “ena froule parakalo?” (one strawberry please? Referring to the mini strawberry cookie).  “You want the strawberry one?” she replied.  And I’d rather struggle to understand her reply in Greek than hear English….that bakery is too English.

 The woman at the extravagant bakery on the corner is pleasant but not interested in having a relationship with me (crazy sounding to expect right? Well I’ve come to expect it here.  I wave to the butcher everyday and haven’t spoken more than two words to him.)  That bakery is too aloof.

The bakery across from my ATM is certainly friendly, but it’s a little expensive compared to the others.  If I shopped there frequently I would need to walk across the street and hit the ATM afterwards every time.  What a fitting location.  That bakery is too pricey.

 However, the bakery near Arcadia Center is considerably cheap.  The women who work there are always friendly and inviting.  And the best part is, they only speak Greek.  Well isn’t it obvious then that this is the bakery that must have “the cookie.”  Not necessarily, I initially thought.  It already has the best chocolate croissant, it can’t also have the best cookies (I reasoned.  Great logic huh?).  I just had thought that every bakery would have something special to offer-something specific that it was great at making, and I already deemed this one as chocolate croissant heaven.

 Well it turns out that it also houses “the chosen cookie.”  I order a sampling of three different types to have during my two and a half hour kaffe today before class.  The first one was too sweet.  The second one was too small (I wanted more).  But the third one was the one.  It melted in my mouth.  It was lemony and covered in powdered sugar, and just plain delicious. 

Yesterday I was at the Acropolis for my first class and then at Dionysus’s Theater for my second class.  I went to the market and then had an amazing language class with Apostolos.  A monumental day (literally) to say the least.  And today, I slept in, did some homework, strolled my neighborhood, took a long kaffe break and then went to my Greek literature class.  Uneventful? No equally monumental to yesterday because I found “the cookie” that I enjoyed at “the café.” 

Sometimes I feel like Athens is so large that I can’t possibly find the best of everything while I am here.  But today I was reminded that the best of the best is often found in unexpected places; and sometimes right around the corner.




One Response to “Goldie Locks and the three (or five) bakeries”

  1. Katie, the coolest sister Says:

    I love this one. I look forward to the worlds best greek cookie! 1 WEEK

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