If the shoe fits, it’s probably from The Poet

Greece is a land of sandals.  In nearly every shopping area authentic leather sandals sit beside cheap metallic gladiator sandals.  And while the tourists reach for those shiny, strappy gladiators the Greeks reach for the leather.  Not to say that Greeks are modest with their clothes-sequins seem to adorn every outfitted mannequin here.  But sandals are a basic here-a true Greek necessity.

 As family and friends have often called me a “flip-flop” girl, you can see that this is one Greek treat! to which I have had absolutely no problem getting accustomed with.  In fact it might be one of the first things about living here that I have not had to adjust to.

 When the fam visited, I took them to “The Poet” sandal store.  Internationally recognized, this simple man hand-makes leather sandals and fits them to your foot in the store as he writes and publishes his own poetry.  Poetry and shoes, now there is a combination you don’t find too often.  They are the BEST quality and extremely comfortable.  He has sold pairs to the likes of John Lennon, Jackie Onassis, Sophia Loren, Kate Moss and so on.  Katie was in heaven.  You would think that with all of his fame, not to mention famous customers, that by now his prices would be in the Jimmy Choo category.  But they are actually extremely reasonable at 24 euro per pair.  Well, 27 euro if you have big feet…a little discriminatory right?  I thought so.

 Anyways, I got the “Jackie-O” style that was designed for her and have been wearing them around everywhere.  Katie bought two pairs and was also equally satisfied.  Walking around in my new sandals really put a spring in my step.  They are certainly an upgrade from my deteriorating rainbows which I’ve had since 2005…I couldn’t get away with calling them “vintage” anymore.  My sandals made me feel like a Greek goddess.  However, in Oia-a beautiful village on the north end of Santorini-my goddess status did not translate.  As Kait and I sat at a café with our Frappes I relaxed, stretched out, and put my feet up on a ledge as we overlooked the ocean.  The waiter then came over.  Maybe to offer us some food I thought.  But instead he said, “um, small favor?” and nodded at my feet.  What? My feet are not welcome in Oia?  Katie reminded me that he probably didn’t want the other customers to see my grotesque feet.  I didn’t realize until my family came how rough they have gotten here in Greece.

 They are scratched up, blistered, scarred, and pretty much constantly dirty.  It seems as though wearing sandals everywhere comes with a price, beaten feet.  My ugly feet soon became the joke of my family’s trip.  Sure I could use a pedicure, or three, but my feet are the way they are because I’ve been places.  They have hiked a volcano, walked all over Athens, danced in gay bars, tripped over ancient marble, ran-no sprinted across streets, climbed flights of stairs and more.  I’m proud of my mangled feet and I don’t see the need in perfecting them with pedicures when I’m just going to get them beaten up again.  I also don’t see the euros in my wallet to do so.  

 So maybe my feet are not worthy of goddess status right now.  But my sandals are and that should count for something.  Until then I plan on trying to acquire ankle wings; you know like the ones Hermes has.  Not the designer Hermes, the god Hermes.  Although I might pitch that to Hermes now that I think about it.  Flying designer sandals?  I’ll take two.



 p.s. For my language class today we went to an Andy Warhol exhibit where I viewed some of his famous images of Jackie Onassis while wearing my “Jackie-O” style sandals.  How fitting.  I guess sometimes the shoe really does fit.


One Response to “If the shoe fits, it’s probably from The Poet”

  1. Mary Says:

    and those beat up feet are exactly the reason I bought you the pumice stone…also made in Greece!

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