Athens-Guest Starring Kevin Costner

Today I went to the new Acropolis Museum for my art and archaeology class.  This is the second time that I have gone to the museum for that class.  The first time, if you recall from an earlier blog, I passed out.  So this time I was hoping to remain vertical.  I prepared myself accordingly: I ate fruit, followed by a socolat croissant, and I hydrated myself.  I also brought a large water bottle, more fruit to revive me, and I wore layers to avoid overheating.  How responsible right? It’s only taken me 11 years to, as the Greeks say, “know thyself.” 

I walked outside and it was cloudy and cool.  Noticeable since it’s always sunny in Athens (not Philadelphia, that show got it wrong).  Although I love-crave the sun, I’m more susceptible to fainting when it’s hot.  Athens Forecast:  partly cloudy with a chance of Jayna fainting. 

So we arrive at the museum and I am feeling good!  The lack of natural light in the museum works to my benefit-it’s cooler inside.  The constant standing no longer bothers me I guess since I walk everywhere anyway.  And my breakfast really was of champions!  I’m a free bird and I can tell that my body isn’t going to faint today.

Or is it…suddenly Kevin Costner rounds the corner.  Yes the real Kevin Costner.  Field of Dreams?  The Upside of Anger? Now Kevin might not be that big of a celebrity sighting for most people but I actually have a massive crush on him.  He is a great actor, nice and rough around the edges you know? He is like a nice classy bottle of wine who gets better with age.  I realize he is a lil older than me/he is married/he is married to a beautiful blonde model 20 years his junior.  However, I choose to overlook these minor mishaps.  I then brainstormed what to say!

“Hey Kev! First time in Athens? Well lucky for you champ, I live here so I can reconfigure my sched and show you around.  If you want?”

“O Kevin-is that you? Gosh I didn’t even notice.  Do you want to know anything about that pediment over there because I’ve studied it in class.  Maybe after we could get gyros?”

“Costnaaarrr. Hey, what brings you to Athens?”

“Hey Kevin, what’s your sign?”

I considered that last one.  I mean I am genuinely interested in horoscopes.  So much for remaining vertical!  From the moment I spotted the Costner I was a little nervous you know?  Gosh is it getting hot in here?  There he is again!  My professor literally let us follow him and his posse around the museum.  And his posse?  Now there are a lot of dudes with the Costner and two of them are lookers! 

Wait! What am I doing?  I’m staring down strangers and looking at them.  O, I’m just being Greek.  Well it’s about time-I’ve withstood enough harassment here to gain the divine right to stare at whatever the heck I want, even Kevin Costner’s butt.  Hey, it’s a two way street right?

Two girls in my class got his autographs.  I chose to remain Greek and just stare, mumble to my friends and say something in passing.  Classy I thought.  The girls returned saying that he didn’t say anything to them; the consensus was that he was rude.  Rude?  Invading someone’s personal life is rude in my book.  Sure it’s his job but leave the man alone. 

 Later on I went to Thission to meet my next class, Athens Onsite.  Sweet a free bench.  I happily planted myself ready to people watch for the next half hour sipping on my frappe.  Then three old men who were strolling stopped in front of my bench.  The stood there for a while, flipping their worry beads.  After a couple of minuets one of them sat down next to me and asked me something in Greek.  O I see.  This was their bench that they sat at everyday and I was intruding.  At first I was pissed.  It’s a free country! No, it’s Greece.  A country where men are served first in restaurants, the elderly are well respected, and ancient habits (legal or not) never die. 

 So maybe Kevin Costner is entitled to his personal space, but the three old men in Thission are apparently equally entitled to their personal space too (or rather personal bench).  And if you forget, they’ll kindly remind you.



Ps Kevin Costner was in Athens for his band’s concert.  (Kaite remember we saw all those commercials for it in Santorini?)


2 Responses to “Athens-Guest Starring Kevin Costner”

  1. Mary Says:

    Hey Jayna! I think you meant to say that Kevin’s beautiful wife was 20 years his JUNIOR not senior! That would put her in her 60s! Sounds like you had a great time and avaoided fainting! Good, although I wonder if any of Kevin’s posse would have assisted you if you had gone horizontal!

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